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The importance of State Board Defense/Disciplinary Proceedings coverage.

State Board Defense Coverage: About Us
State Board Defense Coverage: About Us

Anyone can file a complaint against you.  Maybe it’s an upset patient, a disgruntled employee, former spouse/partner, or even from a fellow doctor.  Once this happens, many Chiropractors realize that the State Board is not there to protect them, they are there to protect the public.  They will look into complaints very seriously with requests for an interview, copy of records and can leave a portion of the cost of investigation for you to pay.  Some investigations could even lead to a review or audit of further records beyond those from who the original complaint came from.

  Whether it is a legitimate allegation or not, you need adequate coverage to protect you and your license because let’s face it, your license is your most important asset. 

Adequate coverage for State Board defense should be at $25,000 or more.  If you do not have that then consider getting a policy that does.

Some examples of an State Board exposure would be:

·         Improper advertising

·         Error with billing a patient or their insurance

·         Scope of practice boundaries

·         Sexual misconduct accusations

·         Insufficient standard of care

·         Not clearly indicating the type of doctor you are on publications or the internet.

Take a look at a declarations page from your current malpractice insurance policy and see what coverage you have for State Board Defense/Disciplinary Proceedings.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Our MALPRACTICE INSURANCE RESOURSE HUB is a great source for anyone wanting information, wanting to get a quote or make a change to their existing policy that we service.

State Board Defense Coverage: About Us
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